What Is Rescue Chic?

Rescue Chic is about the women of emergency services. It's about the women who serve their communities, state, and country. We are you!

Our mission is to Connect, Inspire and Encourage, strong and confident women from all ages as they enter this field and become leaders, paving the path for future women who desire to become a part of something amazing!

At Rescue Chic, we believe in paying it forward.  We are committed to empowering and encouraging future generations of women by providing the building blocks for their success. 

About the founder

In 2007, Paramedic Dannie Wurtz was asked by her department to travel from San Diego to Baltimore, Maryland to compete in the JEMS Games - International Simulation Challenge, as part of a regional cooperative between her department and two local fire departments.  The three team members had never worked together, but would now compete against teams who have worked, trained and competed togther for years.  With one goal in mind, "let's just not embarrass ourselves."  To everyones surprise (even their own), the team won the Gold!

Unbeknownce to the team, the 1st place team would be sponsored by JEMS Magazine to travel to Brisbane, Australia where they would then compete against teams from around the globe in the Asia Pacific International Simulation Challenge.  The team once again took home the gold. Dannie was the only female competing in the finals in both the US and Australia international competitions, something she felt was odd.

While in Australia, she had the opportunity to meet other women from several countries. She immediately connected with them as they shared stories of their careers and challenges. In an effort to maintain her newly found friendships, Dannie created a social media page where the women could keep in contact, share stories, share support, and learn about other EMS systems around the world.

Quickly something exciting happened: More and more women joined the group. As they continued to learn from each other, their social media group became the fastest-growing platform for women in EMS and first response.

In an effort to pay it forward Dannie decided to develop a larger platform where women, who desire a career in EMS, could go to ask questions, network, find support and share experiences. Some women expressed financial challenges in persuit of their career dreams.  This triggered an idea.  From these ideas came fun apparel pieces, which quickly became the number one most popular brand of casual apparel for women in rescue. Thus, Rescue Chic was born.


Throughout the history of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire, Rescue, Law Enforcement, and other emergency services, women typically played a limited role. We saw women struggle to gain the respect and support they deserve in their efforts to serve. We witnessed women forced to prove themselves capable and worthy of acceptance.

As the times change and women become Educators, Captains, Chiefs, Supervisors, Commanders, Leaders, a shift occurs. The generation opposed to women in the field is aging out and the next enters with strong women in place.

In some communities, more than 50% of the workforce is now women, in others they have yet to hire their first female employee.

We do not want standards reduced. To do so would imply that we can't, “cut it.”  Women are capable of meeting and exceeding the standards when given the opportunity. A level playing field and fair opportunity are all we desire.

The Faces of Rescue Chic

Our Core Values


Determination: We face our challenges head-on with confidence. We know fear is not an excuse to quit; it’s the driving force behind success. We understand that no growth takes place in your “Comfort Zone.” To grow, we must embrace being uncomfortable.


Strength: We find strength from deep within, knowing the only true competition is with ourselves. We know challenge defines character and builds confidence. Growth doesn’t take place in our Comfort Zone.


Pride: No matter the challenge or the obstacles, we take a deep breath and maintain our course. Together, we are unstoppable.


Self: We compare ourselves to no one, knowing the real competition comes from within. We strive to be the best version of ourselves.