Everything is Relative – Especially on Veteran’s Day

A US flag

I’ve never really considered myself a “military wife.” I’ve considered myself a gal, who is married to a man who is dedicated to serving his country (initially active and now reservist). I am just subsequently tasked with holding down the fort, solo, quite frequently and for the last 11 months – I’ve kept this silent…

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Top 10 Things EMS Preceptors need to Remember

Two rescue officers standing beside a stretcher

See one, Do one, Teach one. It’s a saying in medicine that dates back to when dirt was new.   We spend months of instruction in the classroom, skills lab and clinical setting being fed the basics we need to reach the final (dreaded) phase: Preceptorship. After months of grooming, blood, sweat and tears (ours…

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10 Things to know before dating the Female Paramedic

Two people standing outside a first aid station

A couple weeks ago I was catching up with a dear friend and fellow paramedic. As most girl-girl conversations go, we quickly got on to relationships as she was filling me in on the newest love in her life. Living in a smaller town can wreak havoc on the single person in the dating scene.…

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So, my Daughter wants to be a Paramedic

A drawing and a collage with a picture of a kid

Picking my 6 year old up from school the other day, when  she hands me a two foot long cardboard cut out of a gingerbread man. She tells me she has to decorate it into what she wants to be when she grows up.  â€œOk”, I said, “What do you want be?”  She looks up at me…

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