Everything is Relative – Especially on Veteran’s Day

I’ve never really considered myself a “military wife.” I’ve considered myself a gal, who is married to a man who is dedicated to serving his country (initially active and now reservist). I am just subsequently tasked with holding down the fort, solo, quite frequently and for the last 11 months – I’ve kept this silent on Facebook for safety reasons. Don’t need any wackos knowing we’re alone.

Over the last year, I have gotten a good taste of what military families go through routinely. His previous deployment was before kids (easy peasy) and we’ve only had to moved once.

The solo balance of home, kids, works, my schedule, the kids schedule, sports, projects, homework, school events, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, crazy (insanely playful) dog and list goes on and on…. is not the easiest balancing act.

We are however the lucky ones. My hubby is finally back “state-side” and coming home on his own two feet with all appendages intact, soon. Too many others aren’t as lucky.

The sacrifice of freedom is a painful reality to some and completely ignored by so many people – especially this week.

I can’t imagine the pain these military families feel watching these thankless, tantrum throwing, so called “adults” who can’t and would never try to understand the sacrifices so many soldiers and families make, as ‘they’ burn the very flag they see draped over the box their husband, daddy, brother, son, mother, daughter sister or wife return home in.

This hasn’t been an easy year, for us or the US as a whole.

(Photo: Courtesy of My Daughter and Hub-Hub-Hubby)

I often say, “Everything in life is Relative.” How rich you are, is relative to others wealth. How healthy you are is relative to others wellbeing. How tall, thin, or happy you are, is relative to what you compare yourself to. The way you handle loss or grief is relative to the volume of loss, grief or struggles you have personally experienced. How you deal with the emotional impact of calls you run, is relative to what other horrors you have seen or handled.  It really is a matter of comparison choice and life events.

I see the crying and whining and rioting and all I can think is how Everything is relative. If people are drawn to act like children, they have yet to only experience the relativity of a child.

I’ve been holding my breath for over a year for November to come and go.

Waiting for the ugliness if this election to be over and for my soldier to come home. Kinda makes this Veterans Day even more special. 

So today, amongst the anger, violence and ugliness in this crazy country right now, take a moment to be thankful for what you have, what you will continue to have and have faith knowing the sun will rise and you still have a pulse.

And while you’re at it, say a little prayer, send good vibes, throw positive energy or whatever your good ju-ju is, towards Veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have, do and will continue to make for you.

Thank you Veterans and families everywhere. 

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A mom, nurse/medic, and yes military wife

Dannie Myers EMT-P/RN, Founder of Rescue Chic

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